About us

spaniensemestesbostad.com is a website for Scandinavians looking for a home to rent in Spain. We have organized our ads in two main categories: "long term rentals" and "short term rentals".

We specialize in Scandinavian customers and attract traffic to this site through SEO, Google and ads on megafon.net

Most scandinavians understand swedish and english perfectly, we therefore encourage our advertisers to publish their ads in swedish or in english, but Danish or Norwegian will also be understood by 90% of our users.

If you don't speak any scandinavian language but have an apartment for rent in Spain please publish your ad in english and we can assure you that 99% of our visitors will understand it perfectly well.

Spaniensemesterbostad.com is a part of Megafon Media Solutions www.megafon.net. Megafon.net is a collection of specialised websites with smart marketing solutions giving advertisers the opportunity to reach the right clients.


Name: Megafon Media Solutions S.L.
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